Reimbursement rules

Please read the following carefully, as these rules will apply to all participants eligible for reimbursement.

For questions related to the reimbursement rules, please contact

  1. By registering for the NGP-Net 2018 meeting, you might be eligible for reimbursement. The decision about your reimbursement eligibility will be taken by the Vice-Chair and Chair after the early registration period has ended and will be communicated to you.
  2. Should you become eligible for reimbursement, you will receive an invitation from the e-COST website.
  3. Upon receipt of the e-COST invitation, you have exactly two weeks (14 calendar days) to:
          1. read the rules for submitting travel reimbursement requests and claiming expenses
          2. accept the invitation via e-COST
          3. book your long-distance travel
          4. indicate the number of nights you will spend at the meeting